artisteer 3.1

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12/24/2011 12:14:12 PM
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Re: artisteer 3.1

The new release should happen this coming Wednesday. You can already see Artisteer 3.1 designs on our demo site.



12/26/2011 7:40:49 AM
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/Mats Lillnor

Re: artisteer 3.1

Great news! Looking forward to the next release, just upgraded to 3.1.

I saw on the demo-site that there are quite a few artisteer-31 skins for various variations.

Joe, can you please also include the .artx-project file in the sample skins to use as a starting point. I think that would be a great idea.


Btw, it is by purpose that the last post on one page in a long forum-thread appears at the top of the next page also or is this a bug? Can't really see the benefit of that. Of course it might be a little easier easier to follow a discussion, but the cut has to be somewhere anyway and this "double post" takes up valuable space, especially if it happens to be a long post.


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