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12/8/2011 5:10:24 PM
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Edit skin


I have got mojoportal up and running and I have created a new skin through Artisteer after following instructions. I now want to make some changes in the html code of the home page and I don't know how to. I have tried changing the code in the CSS files in the skin folder but when I refresh the homepage nothing changes. 

Can anyone help pls?

12/9/2011 4:22:31 AM
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Re: Edit skin

Depends what you're trying to change - headers/footers/menus etc come via your layout.master - the actual content of the homepage would be in HTML Modules published to the home page - or other types of modules.

12/9/2011 7:29:27 AM
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Re: Edit skin


CSS is cached both on the server and in the browser. You can temporarily disable caching for yourself by clicking a button located under Administration >Advanced Tools > Designer Tools > Cache Tool

If you are using the latest version of mojoPortal there is also a button there that can reset the skin guid which is a way of clearing the cache for all users so that they load the latest CSS.

See also Creating Skins Overview

Hope that helps,


12/9/2011 4:40:45 PM
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Re: Edit skin

Hey, thanks for the help but I still can't work it out.

I'm gonna tell you in more detail what's needed.

I have created a skin through Artisteer which have no menu or headers or anything at all. All I want it to be it's a simple picture.

When I inserted it into mojoPortal, a menu appears and hides a part of the background picture. Also the buttons are at the wrong side which I don't really care about that issue because I don't want a menu at all in this page. I just wanna get rid of that menu and align the page to fit in perfectly.

I hope that explains more on what I want.



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