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12/8/2011 4:59:05 PM
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Skin Previews

I have a low budget project, and I was wondering if there was a place where I can have the client preview the skins that ship with mojoPortal? I can do a test install, and go one by one, but that's obviously not ideal. Thanks!

12/8/2011 5:15:08 PM
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Re: Skin Previews

If you just need to have them see the overall look and feel of the skin, regardless of content, you can direct them to Have them log in as Administrator, then go to Administration, Site Settings. From there they can use the Preview/Browse link to go through and view each skin. That way you don't even have to be in the same location they are.


12/9/2011 7:47:25 AM
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Re: Skin Previews

Actually yesterday afternoon I updated the demo site and remved some older skins and added some new ones created with Artisteer 3.1. So currently the dmeo site has skins that are not available in the current release but will be in the next release.

We also ship an file with each release that has older skins as well as some not so old ones. We just have too many to include them all in the main mojoPortal package. I don't like to put all of the skins on the demo site because some of them don't demo well or don't look as good though they might be a good start for a new design. The demo site is meant to show mojoPortal in its best light and if I keep all the skins on there it seems like the competition drops by to make sure its using the ugliest one ;-D



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