role definition problem

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10/19/2011 5:53:08 AM
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Re: role definition problem

Hi Joe, its me again (michele form rome)

I retried on demo.mojoportal and the problem is the same.. so I think its a Bug (having standard FCKeditor, the editor menu is ok but when I try to put a link nothing appears and the Link popup page hangs.. but only on IE9 (firefox 7.01 works well))

TinyMCe instead work well both on IE9 and Firefox

if configuring instead CKeditor it displays only the html "native" page on both editors !!


Apart of this... (waiting for a patch) the other question above (how can i upgrade versions... still replacing the dll file) is still alive




10/19/2011 9:42:52 AM
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Re: role definition problem

FCKeditor is a legacy editor, it does not surprise me that it doesn't work well in IE 9. No-one is maintaining it, they only work on CKeditor now. My advice is don't use FCKeditor.

When I try the demo site using CKeditor and IE 9 it works for me. I suggest try using a different machine and see if you get the same result with IE 9 on a different machine. or just use TinyMCE.

please when posting in the forums help us keep it organized by posting only 1 question per  thread. Start a new thread when you have a new question.

I'm going to update the release today with the updated mojoPortal.Web.dll that I sent you to patch the role issue.



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