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9/8/2011 9:09:19 AM
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Thanks, cms_developer Contributer:http://codeissue.com/



I am trying to implement jQuery skin based on Joe post.


I am trying this option as per docs below



If you are using any of the Artisteer skins or skins based on the jqueryui-1 skin, there are a few new entries needed in the theme.skin file. Other skins do not need these changes.

Skins based on jqueryui-1 need this:
<portal:OuterWrapperPanel runat="server"

<portal:OuterBodyPanel runat="server"
  ExtraCssClasses="ui-widget-content ui-corner-bottom"




These is part of default theme.skin file with my code in bold but i don't see skin changes.

Can anyone guide me what i am doing wrong here?

<mp:CornerRounderTop runat="server"
     <mp:CornerRounderBottom runat="server"
  <portal:mojoPanel runat="server" RenderArtisteer="true" />
  <portal:ModuleTitleControl runat="server" RenderArtisteer="true" />
  <portal:mojoButton runat="server" RenderArtisteer="true" CssClass="art-button" />
        <!--My Skin configuration begin-->
        <portal:OuterWrapperPanel runat="server"ExtraCssClasses="ui-widget"/>
        <portal:OuterBodyPanel runat="server" ExtraCssClasses="ui-widget-content ui-corner-bottom"/>
        <!--My Skin configuration end-->

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