Migrating releases from to - MSSQL issues

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9/8/2011 7:11:14 AM
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Migrating releases from to - MSSQL issues

Hi Joe

I'd like to migrate my site from version to . For this purpose , I created a local version of my site and restored the MSSQL backup from my site on the local instance of MYSQL, having created on the local MSSQL instance the same user I use in teh original instance. After having copied the release on local wwwroot , I wanted to update the release browsing at http://localhost/Setup/Default.aspx , but I always get the error "Stored Procedure mp_SchemaVersion_SelectOne doesn't exist"; I checked that the procedure exists in the schema. I suspect the problem is due to some security/permission setting and the user I use to connect to MSSQL local instance . Can you please help me in understanding the òpossible causes of the reported error ? Thank you in advance . Giorgio Riva

9/8/2011 7:53:34 AM
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Re: Migrating releases from to - MSSQL issues


I'm assuming you only have MS SQL databases.

I use MS SQL Server Management studio (free download) to manage my MS SQL databases. My mojoPortal database user is a member of db_owner, which gives it the rights it needs. I check this in MS SQL SMS by connecting, opening databases | <my database> | security | users | <my user>, double click on <my user> and on the popup dialog look under Role Members and check that db_owner is ticked.

I have had issues in the past when using the same database name & user name on remote & local installs, so I now use different database names and database user names (I usually use WebMatrix for managing synchronising local & remote databases - not sure if that caused the issues I saw with using the same names)



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