jQuery UI Theme Change

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8/26/2011 11:37:55 AM
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jQuery UI Theme Change

mojoPortal Version MSSQL

Operating System Microsoft Windows NT 6.0.6002 Service Pack 2

ASP.NET Info v4.0.30319 Running in Partial Trust

I am almost embarrassed to ask this as it has to be right in front of my face.  I am using some of the jQuery content templates (accordian, tabs, etc.) and I'd like to apply a different theme (say for example redmond goes better my my site skin that cupertino).  I have read the documentation on jQuery themes and how to edit the code to make changes and have also looked through the forums for jQuery themes and cant solve my issue.

When change the jQuery theme in layout.master, it completely reconfigures the whole website appearance.

Can I simply have the jQuery theme apply to the JQuery content?? Surely this is possible, but where do i state the change?



8/26/2011 11:45:53 AM
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Re: jQuery UI Theme Change

Hi Bob,

Changing the jQueryUI theme from layout.master as documented here should only affect the jQuery UI widgets for all skins except the jqueryui-1 skin where is has more impact because that skin is specifically designed to have jQueryUI style more things.

If something else is happening maybe you are making a typo that causes an error making it fail to load the master page. In this case it will load an alternate master page to keep from completely crashing the site and it will log something about the error.

Hope that helps,


8/26/2011 2:27:20 PM
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Re: jQuery UI Theme Change

Well of course it works now! It's like the funny sound your car makes, but when you go to the shop no one can hear it. 

I don't think it was a typo because I tried several times yesterday and don't think I could have done it wrong every time.

Possibly a caching issue?? or maybe because it was Thursday.


Thanks Joe.

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