File Manager - Presets

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8/26/2011 11:30:48 AM
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File Manager - Presets

When using the file manager is there a way to hide specific folders or to only allow certain users to view specific folders.  I looked in the web.config and user.config thinking there might be a default folder open location - not found.

Any direction here would be helpful

thanks in advance

8/26/2011 11:52:18 AM
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Re: File Manager - Presets

By default Admins have access to the file system starting at /Data/Sites/[SiteID]

Users with general upload permission (from Site Settings > Security > Permissions) can access starting at


and users who have only roles that can upload and browse but only to a user specific location have


However it is also possible by a config setting to limit admins also to


<add key="ForceAdminsToUseMediaFolder" value="true" />

I do this for example on our demo site to keep people from messing things up there.

Hope that helps,


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