style.config problem

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8/17/2011 3:05:47 PM
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style.config problem


I want to have 2 skins with different layout.Master but want to use the same css across my skins and not have to maintain different copies of css files in each template.

I found the article on your site:

I created new folder for second template with layout.master, style.config, and favicon.ico

I have modified style.css to:



/Data/Sites/1/skins/netplan-glowna/ - this is my main skin folder (one with css files).

That template works fine. But second template don't load any styles :/

I restarted application pool, tried to add some files from my default skin folder (netplan-glowna) to new skin folder or write files in style.config like :

<file cssvpath="/Data/Sites/1/skins/netplan-glowna/style.css" imagebasevpath="/Data/Sites/1/skins/netplan-glowna/">none</file>

but nothing helps.


What am I doing wrong? :)

Please help. Thanks.










8/18/2011 7:15:32 AM
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Re: style.config problem

As documented in Understanding the style.config file

Css files that live in the skin folder are added very simply with an entry like this for each file:


the above syntax only works for files in the skin folder of the current skin you can't put a path to other folders there.

Create a folder in a common location like at /Data/mystyles or /Data/Sites/1/mystyles and put the shafred css files there

then use syntax like this:

<file cssvpath="/Data/mystyles/style.css" imagebasevpath="/Data/mystyles/">none</file>

don't store the common css in a skin folder but in a central location outside the skin folders

Hope that helps,



8/18/2011 7:56:01 AM
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Re: style.config problem


Yes it works :)




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