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8/16/2011 3:06:47 AM
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for a customer I'm looking into MojoPortal as cms for their .net environment on their intranet. They have one requirement: it must be OWASP compliant. I cannot find anything on OWASP and MojoPortal, but perhaps you can tell me if it is?

Thank you!


8/19/2011 6:09:19 AM
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I can tell you this, if you continue launch attacks on my sites to test security without my permission I will ban your ip address.

and I see lots of failed hacking attempts in my demo site logs from this ip address this morning. Anyone who wants to do security testing on mojoPortal using my sites needs to get my permission first otherwise I consider it actual hacking attempts and I do block ip addresses when I see hacking attempts. The only reason I have not banned your ip address yet is because I saw your user account is associated with this address so I decided to give you 1 warning. This is that warning. If you want to do further testing on my sites you should contact me privately and tell me what tests you want to try and you must agree to share any results with me and I may be willing to let you do it, but if you do it without permission I see it as an attack and I will take measures to stop it.

Edit - I've been in email contact with Nathalie and all is forgiven, it was testing using a free tool websecurify which found no problems. Anyone else reading this please if you ever want to do security testing against my sites to evaluate mojoPortal contact me first.

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