Create pages in bulk

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8/10/2011 1:52:00 PM
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Create pages in bulk

I have to create about 400 pages and I don't want to click on "add new page" 400 times. Is there any ways to create pages by modifying the database or any file?

8/15/2012 12:00:35 PM
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Re: Create pages in bulk

I too have a similar task as this.  

Basically I want to create a whole bunch of pages from a list of page names and add an HTML Module with some HTML dynamically.  

Joe, what would be the best way to approach this?


8/16/2012 9:47:44 AM
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Re: Create pages in bulk

There is a way to configure initial site content that is populated when a new site is created. It may not meet your needs since it only works at the time of site creation. It was designed for use on my demo site which is re-created periodically with the same content each time. The pages and content are defined in xml files so there is still some work to create those files and test them to make sure they are doing what is intended. Once the files are defined and working they will be used to populate every new site created in a multi site installation after that. Or the files could be deployed also with a clean install of mojoPortal so that the first site created during installation has the content created.

See Configuring Initial Content

I have no other solutions to recommend, so if that doesn't meet your needs you'll need to come up with your own solution.

Hope that helps,


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