Implement Open Graph Protocol

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7/27/2011 7:44:02 AM
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Implement Open Graph Protocol

Social Media is very important for websites and portal pages.
Therefore: could someone please implement the 'Open Graph Protocol' for use in Mojo Pages:

- the ability to record the required and optional metadata (not as custom metadata but as default textfields)

- page related image (at least the URL, and maybe image-storage in the database)

7/27/2011 10:26:11 AM
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Re: Implement Open Graph Protocol

We already support custom meta data, and according to this thread on stackoverflow you can use the standard name and content meta data attributes, so you can use open graph protocol in mojoPortal today.

According to the documentation

It is currently designed for Web pages representing profiles of real-world things — things like movies, sports teams, celebrities, and restaurants.

so it isn't the kind of thing you would put on all pages of your site, maybe on your home page or pages about specific products would make sense.

Hope that helps,


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