File manager fails on some files

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7/27/2011 4:56:59 AM
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File manager fails on some files

The file manager is brilliant, but for some types of files I find it always fails, and gets stuck on "uploading file".  For example, the layout.master in my skin.  I'm wondering if it fails on files that are locked, perhaps because being accessed by IIS. But also I've had bother with PDF files.

It would be great if it could give some feedback, e.g. if it cannot write to a file, instead of just getting stuck. This also means you cannot do any other operation in the file manager because it is busy.

Any tips? Or should this be a request for change?

7/27/2011 10:35:09 AM
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Re: File manager fails on some files

Uploading files to a web server is not fool proof and nothing I could do would make it fool proof, it depends on server configuration, how much load is the server under, how good is the connection and other factors such as if the file is in use or locked by a process. If an error happens during an upload attempt it should be logged and you may be able to find clues what caused the problem and how to solve it

If you have trouble uploading a master page then use ftp or upload it as a new skin not one in use and then change to the new skin. If you're having troubles with other files it can be caused by the size of the files, see supporting large file uploads.

Hope that helps,


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