mojoportal on AWS

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7/7/2011 3:24:26 PM
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mojoportal on AWS


has anyone tried to Implement mojoPortal on AWS EC2 instances

7/7/2011 4:21:56 PM
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Re: mojoportal on AWS

Joe just posted today that he will soon be starting on changes so mojoPortal can run and be supported in web farms and cloud services. I don't know if he will specifically test with Amazon EC2, but given its prominent presence among cloud providers that does seem like a logical platform to test on and support.


7/8/2011 9:59:04 AM
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Re: mojoportal on AWS

The EC2 option can run mojoPortal becasue the server is treated just like a VM. There is nothing special at ths point required to run mojoPortal in AWS.

7/8/2011 10:05:36 AM
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Re: mojoportal on AWS

You could run it on a single VM machine in AWS but not currently supported for multiple nodes in a web farm.

I can say that when I begin work on webfarm support AWS is exactly what I will be using for my testing environment. 



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