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6/21/2011 9:30:43 AM
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Site Structure Design


I was wondering if someone could help me with my site structure.  I have a mojoPortal site and I would like to add a new section to the site that handles real estate.  I would like a top-menu entry point to the property section home page and then each individual property page will be written via a template fed from the database.  I would like to open the individual property pages in a popup similar to ColorBox or an Ajax panel.

At the moment I have created a clone of the master.layout and put this in a new "property" directory, with the intention of using this as the master for the the individual property pages, one of the reasons I did this was because the property pages use a fair amount of specific of script/CSS and I didn't want to overburden the existing master.layout.  I also do not want to have to manually create each property page. 

My main concern with this approach is creating the correct URLs for each of the individual property pages. 

If anyone has used mojoPortal in a similar situation, or has an opinion, I would very much appreciate their comments.

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