Event Calendar Pro Questions

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6/16/2011 9:16:03 AM
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Event Calendar Pro Questions

I have a client using event calendar pro.  They would like to do a couple things that i cannot find a way to do.  I would like to know if these items are possible out of the box, or if they would need to be new feature requests.

1.  Tiered registration pricing - For example, many events have early bird specials, if you pay by a certain date it is one price, if you do it by another date is a little more, if you wait till the day of the event its a little higher.

2.  Price Categories - Students Pay one price, members pay another, non-members pay a different price

3.  If a person purchases multiple tickets, is there a way to assign names to those tickets (i.e. A manager registers 5 users, and needs to list who the tickets are for)


6/16/2011 11:40:34 AM
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Re: Event Calendar Pro Questions


These things are not currently supported. I will add wish list items for them in our project tracker.



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