link targets, and blog archiving

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6/13/2011 3:19:05 PM
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link targets, and blog archiving

Hi Joe A and all you other Mojo gurus.  It's possible that these suggestions might be included in the new, I haven't yet done the update, so if they're already done, please excuse, but I just created a new blog post on my site and these two things occurred to me as things that Mojo really needs.

First off, and this one has bugged me for a long time -- that little "globe-link" button in the editor for when you want to include a URL on something -- it really, really needs a way to specify the target; I'm aware that if you put a link on an image, that targetting capability is present in the image definition, but for just a plain text link, the "target" attribute is just not there; you have to view source and add it manually, and yes, I certainly know how to do that, but it's a hassle when it could be done so easily right in the little pane where the link is specified -- I ALWAYS make links in my site "_blank", so as not to lose my visitors to some other site, even if it's one of my sponsors; I've always thought it the height of rudeness to be like, "welcome to my site, click here and bugger off somewhere else."  I really hope this can be added soon!

It also occurred to me, now that I have my site's front page in Blog format rather than separate articles, that there needs to be an easy way to archive older posts; leaving them viewable, for instance maybe as a clickable title only, but not cluttering up a lot of page real estate with the full text;  I have some blog posts on my front page that go back to Dec 2010, and they really don't need to be always viewable, but it would be nice if they could be accessed by anyone curious enough to click and read them -- hence, I don't really want to delete them, just make them "archived".  If there is some way to do this already, I wish someone would point it out; if not, then I sure wish the capability could be included.

Thx y'all!


6/14/2011 1:50:17 PM
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Re: link targets, and blog archiving

Hi Andria,

This topic of external links comes up from time to time so rather than answer it here I just created the article Links Should Not Open In a New Window, that explains why it is a bad idea but also how to do it if you really insist. 

I'm not sure I understand what you are asking for in the blog. You can set the page size of the blog list to a small number so it doesn't show old posts. There are archive links by month available in the side bar.

Hope that helps,


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