Event Calendar Pro: Multiple Attendee Information

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5/12/2011 1:48:59 PM
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Event Calendar Pro: Multiple Attendee Information

Hi Joe,

Does Event Calendar Pro allow ticket purchasers to enter information for other attendees if they are purchasing more than one ticket?

For instance, let's say Jane is purchasing tickets for a class being held by Acme Corp. She needs to purchase tickets for 3 people in her office, but she will not be attending the class. Is there a place where she can enter the names, email addresses and phone numbers for the 3 people for which she is purchasing the tickets?

I'm thinking the answer is no but I wanted to check before assuming. If it doesn't, would you be inclined to add this kind of functionality?

Joe D.

5/14/2011 7:33:06 AM
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Re: Event Calendar Pro: Multiple Attendee Information

Hi Joe,

I have not implemented anything like that but I'm open to the idea, just not exactly sure how it should work and if it is really needed. I'm sure there are use cases where capturing that is really needed but I'm not sure how common that use case would be.

What exactly would we need to capture, do we need all of: first name, last name, email, phone address?

Then there is the question of whether we require it before purchase and/or do we make it possible to enter/edit that data after the order has been paid for.

Do we really want additional barriers to checkout? Requiring that could cause more abandoned orders and reduce sales.

What if the purchaser of the tickets doesn't have all the information for each person or if they want to be able to transfer a ticket to someone else if one person decides they can't make it?

If we do try to enforce requiring it, what prevents the user from entering bogus info like guest 1, guest 2 etc? So if we really can't enforce good data to be captured is it worth the extra friction?


What if someone is buying tickets for a large group? I could envision cases where the tickets sell out while someone is trying to enter all the ticket holder information and then they are not able to complete the purchase. The larger the order the more difficult it will be to complete it.

Maybe we really just need a way to have a friendly unique id for each ticket for most cases? This would certainly be easier and have less friction for checkout.

I could implement a feature to capture ticket holder info but it needs to be figured out in more detail before deciding to go that route.



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