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5/8/2011 1:20:50 PM
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Hi all,

I'm currently watching a Mix11 session on NuGet. Of course, I installed it right away - while still waching. I was a bit bumped to not find Mojo in the list. There are some other CMS projects, but I'm not interested in those right now.

Is there a plan to make MojoPortal available by using NuGet? I'm really new to this NuGet thing, but I believe it could be really helpful; for both new projects or upgrading existing projects.


PS: Is this site updated? It looks different than last time I was here. Looks great!

5/9/2011 1:47:21 PM
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Re: NuGet?

I watched that too, it looks promising. But I haven't seen here you could install full web apps like a CMS from NuGet, maybe I'm missing something, can you tell me the steps to find that?.

Mostly I see class library type projects where you can pull in some dlls and config stuff, the only CMS thing I saw was a Module Template for DNN, maybe at some point I will implement something along those lines for mojoPortal. But if you saw something more that I should look at I'd like to know how to find them.

Yes, we recently updated the design on this site, we're still tweaking little things here and there, glad to hear you like it!



5/11/2011 3:23:15 AM
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Re: NuGet?

Hi Joe,

The Mojoportal project is probably not suitable to use NuGet. I raised the question above when watching that Mix session while upgrading my Mojoportal to the latest version. I was experiencing problems with this upgrade: some controls gave build errors but could safely be removed. This is probably where using NuGet could be beneficial...

There's 1 CMS system in NuGet at this moment (maybe more, just looked for "CMS"): Meek.

I don't know Meek and I'm not really interested in trying that one out. At the moment, I have my hands full with Sitecore (for work) and Mojo (for personal/hobby usage).



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