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5/5/2011 8:23:26 AM
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Newsletter Subscribe Updates

Hi there

As we provide more and more digital marketing strategies for our clients, we're frequently coming across us having to design and developing value adding eBooks for people.

We of course place these behind a data capture form, like the one found here but at time, much more simple ones that merely ask for email address.

At the moment, we're using Mailchimp integrations but would love to be able to use mojoPortal to do this. The newsletter signup could do with a couple more features adding to facilitate this. Nothing major either as I think many of these exist within mojoPortal somewhere else:

  • Facility to set custom introduction text with a class to manipulate it.
  • I notice that some HTML works in the custom thank you message section; it'd be great if that was slightly expanded to allow editing to be a touch easier on the peepers.
  • This one is really an optional, but it'd be nice to have the facility to have a custom redirect URL as an option instead of the thank you message. We could then specify a PDF location or a custom thank you page (the better option) to allow for measurability in achieving sign up and download goals. If not that, then maybe the Google Cuctom URL Parameter you have elsewhere in the site so that we can append a value into the URL for Analytics tracking. I know we can use HTML in my point above to direct to a page such as this, but it'd save a bit of visitor clicking.
  • The facility to expory the list of subscribers as a CSV file that can be easily imported into a client's CRM system (such as Highrise).

As you know, we love mojoPortal so implement it wherever we can; as our focus is on design and business growth through digital marketing we'd love to be able to use as much of mojo's core functionality rather than 3rd party apps like Mailchimp.



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