On page organisation & role improvements

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5/4/2011 11:28:14 AM
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On page organisation & role improvements

Hi Joe

I'm just wondering about a couple of features for mojoPortal:


  1. On page reorganisation.

    It'd be great if we could drag the content around pages like you can drag form fields around FormWizard. Dragging from and to each content area would be great and would really aid the system admin from the perspective of a client with less tech skills. Not having to dive into "Edit Page Content" would be brilliant.
  2. Role management for "client areas"

    This is something that we've discussed at length in the past. 95% of our clients who use mojoPortal's login module to give their visitors access to their site do so to provide a custom page where they can access data / downloads specific to them. Currently, we have to set customers up in roles (usually one log in for a customer requires one role as each customer may only have one person logging in) as well as setting them up as users; we then have to assign a page specific to that user's role and lock it down so that only people with the relevant role can see the page. Very very long winded and something that's putting our clients off using mojoPortal for this kind of task - when they ask for an example at design stage that's the best we can show.

    For example, 10 unique users with individual downloads specific to them would require 10 users, 10 roles and 10 pages currently.

    What would be brilliant is if we could create a /client-area page that houses for example 10 lots of unique content individual to 10 different users, but with the facility to set (within each content module settings not page settings) not only roles that can view the content, but also specific users. The theory being that we have one manageable client area with content that becomes visible based on login id.

    This also has the benefit of meaning if a customer only has 1 login required as opposed to a group of people, a role wouldn't need creating.



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