Keep HTML content in Blog sidebar

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5/4/2011 1:48:45 AM
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Keep HTML content in Blog sidebar

Is there a way to add HTML to the left sidebar if the nav is on the right?


I have content on the both sides and the first entry in the middle.  If you click archive or the link to the blog entry, the sidebar stays but the content disappears.  How do I keep that? 

5/4/2011 9:48:40 AM
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Re: Keep HTML content in Blog sidebar

It seems like it is working to me except for the image is not showing on the archive view and that is because the url is not fully relative to the root of the site as it should be

ie it is like this:

<img src="Data/style/niublog-2010/img/barbra2.jpg" />

but it should be like this:

<img src="/Data/style/niublog-2010/img/barbra2.jpg" />

On a side note, when I visit your site with Firefox using the NoScript plugin I see no content at all with script disabled it is just a big grey background and text that says "This site requires javascript". Doing that is a really bad idea in my opinion. mojoPortal will work relatively well even with javascript disabled and cutting off visitors from your content just because they may have script disabled is a bad idea. I think it is fine to show a small message saying this site "works best with javascript enabled" but making it unusable is really not good. People may have very good reasons for keeping javascript disabled. I do that for any links people send me and when searching the web because script is what makes it possible to do bad things like infect you with malware in addition to good things like jazzing up your site. Keeping script disabled when visiting unknown or untrusted sites is a good way to keep safe.

I viewed the source of your page and noticed it was related to, that is the only reason I enabled javascript to test your page. A site with no content when javascript is disabled looks suspicious to me in general and makes a bad impression even if it is a legit site.



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