The new skin here

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4/28/2011 5:27:27 PM
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The new skin here


This skin is much better from the old one, but still not fully reflecting how good is Mojoportal application.

Maybe a more professional one is need. Maybe.

Also check your website with

seems a bit slow. My Mojo installation on shared hosting shows 83 and yours 70 !!

cheers !


4/28/2011 6:16:48 PM
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Re: The new skin here

Hi Costa,

We are still planning something more for the home page to give it more marketing impact, but in general I like this design for most of the site content it seems much more pleasing, especially in the forums and documentation and blog.

Regarding page speed, it is a tool that can help you optimize your site but I don't think page speed score corresponds one to one with how fast the page is served or received in the browser. That is I'm not convinced that your site in shared hosting with a higher page speed score is actually faster than this site. These are micro optimizations like waxing your car for better aerodynamics, a better server is going to serve pages faster and a car with a more powerful engine is going to go faster but either car can be waxed and either site can be optimized to have a better score. 

Page speed gives a lower score with the more things it finds that "could" be optimized. Like the number of http requests is one factor.  So on this site I have a lot of advertising images, and in fact in the new design I now have 4 ad images per row where I used to have only 3 per row in the old design. So page speed is going to give me a lower score with the new design than the old one because I'm loading more images. But the goal of my site is to help me make a living not to get the highest possible page speed score. I do not perceive this site to be slow except maybe the Community page which is kind of heavy because it has a lot of things on it. I "could" optimize by making a CSS sprite of all my advertiser graphics but this is impractical for me.

After a visitor first visits my site these images and javascript and other static files etc are cached by the browser they are not reloaded on every page, so these optimizations mainly help with first requests of new visitors.



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