Proposal to organize Features

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4/21/2011 6:39:20 AM
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Ahmed Ali Senior Developer

Proposal to organize Features

Hi Joe,

Since the project has now 23 feature and because the number of these features will be much more in the future.

I am now workin on new features such as news, articles and books library  .. There will be many of the ideas in the future.

To make things more organized .. Suggested that we work the necessary adjustments to move the features folders to modules folder instead of the main site root folder.

This requires minor adjustments in the Feature Definitions files and also features files.

and then we can edit the Post-bulid events for mojoPortal.Features.UI project.

I can do this changes if you approve my idea.

4/21/2011 8:47:38 AM
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Re: Proposal to organize Features

Hi Ahmed,

Sorry but no I don't want to do that. This kind of change will likely cause a lot of problems and it is especially not something we want to do for features that have supporting pages where the urls fo rthose pages would change by this kind of change causing all kind of problems including breaking bookmarked urls and SEO.

If you make custom features you may organize them any way you like, but I'm not looking for help or suggestions about re-organizing my code.



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