Evaluating options

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4/7/2011 7:34:26 PM
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Evaluating options


I am in the process of a major rework on a classic ASP site to asp.net.

I have been somewhat frustrated with MS tools and .net

So far I like what I see with MojoPortal, seems to have much of what I need.

I am just an old school developer and not always comfortable with the GUIs and all the hidden code.

Looking at my options before started from scratch.

Still downloaded all the tools to try and get it running on my local box now.

Any advice ??

4/11/2011 10:24:39 AM
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Re: Evaluating options

If you have the time, I'd recommend going through the developer video series and try building the sample guestbook application yourself. If, at the end of that, you are not more comfortable with the mojoPortal development process and .NET, than this may not be the right CMS for you.


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