skins and disabling Javascrips

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4/6/2011 4:33:26 AM
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skins and disabling Javascrips


I want to create 2 different skins for one site , one for regular Internet speed and by using all Javascript library that mojoportal use ( YUI , JQuery ... )

and another for low speed internet which must disable YUI and other options.

is it possibel that I can disable some config for one skins?

or I have to create 2 different web sites?



4/6/2011 6:55:11 AM
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Re: skins and disabling Javascrips

disabling of jquery is done from the Web.config so it is global, you would have to use a different site/installation. We don't use YUI anymore except for in a color picker.

Disabling jquery does not disable all javascript.

In the grand scheme of things I don't think disabling jquery is going to make a big difference for people using slow connections.



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