Gridview Customization for sub-site

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3/21/2011 1:56:23 AM
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Gridview Customization for sub-site

I am not very sure that it is a problem related to mojoportal or not.

I write a css file in my ascx file to fix the header of a grid for IE, the css code is below.


<Style type="text/css">

 .GVFixedHeader { font-weight:bold; background-color: White; position:relative;



It work for the main site (siteID = 1), but when I move my module to the sub-sites, the header doesn't fix.

I have checked for the feature setting, it doesn't related to the culture or the data input, it only doesn't work in the sub-sites.

What is the possible reason about this problem?


I know it may be not a mojoportal problem but my code, but I am quite strange that why it only work for the main site.

I have checked the system log but nothing about this is logged.


Thanks a lot for help.


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