Mojoportal vs. Other CMS

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3/3/2011 9:25:41 PM
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Mojoportal vs. Other CMS

Hello Joe,

I have found a great website that compares all kinds of CMS. It is here:

The information of this website is greatly helpful for people looking for a suitable CMS, and may also be helpful to improve Mojoportal. But my question is:

Is the information about Mojoportal over there complete and up-to-date? Because the version number is simply '2.x'.

Hope this website get your attention.

3/4/2011 10:39:07 AM
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Re: Mojoportal vs. Other CMS


Thank you for bringing this site to our attention. I have applied for editing rights on CMSWatch's mojoPortal record. If they approve it, I will try to keep them up to date on the status of our project.

There are so many sites like this and very few of them do a good job of keeping their information up to date.

Joe D.

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