Announcing clip-pandoc

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2/24/2011 6:11:27 PM
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Announcing clip-pandoc

I wanted to share this tool because I use it with mojoPortal when I create content.  While I use it with mojoPortal, it's not specific to any CMS; it's for any system that you would write HTML content for, I just happen to use mojo quite a bit and think others here in the community would find this useful.

A little explanation:  Pandoc is a tool that converts between many markup formats, including HTML and the one I like to use, Markdown.  While I use mojoPortal's wysiwyg editor for light editing and preview, I prefer to compose outside of the editor in Notepad++.  This tool lets me use the lightweight markup language Markdown to convert to HTML, which I can paste into mojo's Source view.

Clip-pandoc home

I'm pleased to share a little tool I made to use Pandoc from Notepad++. It allows you to easily select text and run it through the Pandoc executable, provided you have it installed on your system and in the path.

One important note: the current installer will overwrite any custom Notepad++ "Run" commands, so please do not install it if you have ones. I'm working on addressing this soon.

The tool adds "from" and "to" commands to the Notepad++ "Run" menu for various formats, including:

  • Markdown (Pandoc enhanced and strict)
  • HTML
  • Textile

This is just an initial release, so please understand it's far from perfect for general use. I'm sure some people will find it as handy as I do, though.

I use it primarily for authoring HTML content targeted at my blog and my websites. I typically write in Markdown, convert to HTML and post raw HTML into the blog/site.

To use the tool, write or paste your content in Notepad++, then select your conversion from the "Run" menu. A dialog appears, asking you to select your text. After clicking "OK", the highlighted text is replaced by the output of Pandoc.

I've only tested this on 32-bit Windows 7.


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