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1/25/2011 4:36:13 AM
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news module

Hi Joe I was wondering about the actual development of the news module, I was using the blog for this feature, but the media manager need something more specific, some of the missing feature are the option of select in the creation of a article if this is publish in the news reader (she think selecting this in the feed reader are not the best place), or selecting if this article is  the prominent one in the home. The ability of using a work flow, like the one in the html module, and change the creation page of the articles to make it more like a form so they don't need to select de styles to apply in each part of the article, the idea is have a form with a text box for enter the title, subtitle, intro and the article it self, and have the option with a button to upload a image with a auto size feature that make the image fit the space in the design.

It's appears that the mix of content template and content style system it's  to difficult, and need a more foolproof solution.

I have a two months to develop this module so if you don't have anything advanced, I can develop this module and then send it to you, if you have any idea or wish list of things to add to this module send it to me by e-mail.




3/17/2011 11:45:01 PM
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Re: news module

Thank you for your contribution, I hasten to the news module, are you finished? When can I update

Thank you

Good luck!

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