Auto Publishing of Features

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1/15/2011 10:03:08 PM
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Auto Publishing of Features

When adding new features to a live page, they appear to go live immediately. Is there no way to have the page live and certain features be in draft mode?

I want to add a feature, add some content and then make it live.


2/18/2011 12:27:12 PM
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Re: Auto Publishing of Features

Sorry for the delay, by sheer volume I can't always get to all questions in a timely manner.

With some features you can do this but not with all features because many of them should only be edited in the context of a page (blog for example).

However, the Html content feature you can do this because you can create and edit instances of Html content in Administration> Content Manager and then you can schedule a future publishing date on any page for the instance of Html content.

Hope it helps,


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