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12/15/2010 1:27:31 PM
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Site Edit Roles

What is the purpose of the "Site Edit Roles" section under Security.  What kind of permissions does it carry?

12/15/2010 3:45:17 PM
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Re: Site Edit Roles

Well, there are a number of "Security" areas of a mojoPortal site: Site settings, page settings, feature settings. I took a quick look through those security areas on my site, and didn't see any called "Site Edit Roles." The descriptions for role settings are all pretty detailed, like "Roles that can edit content and style templates", "Roles that can edit this page", etc. Does your site run with a localization other than en-US? If so, it could be an issue with your resource file's descriptions not being descriptive enough. You can take a look at the equivalent settings on to diagnose if that's the case.

If what you're seeing has the same description as, which setting in particular are you looking at? Can you provide a full navigation path?


12/16/2010 5:58:17 AM
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Re: Site Edit Roles

I will populate the help link for that setting for the next release.

When using Related Sites Mode, all sites in an installation use the same set of users and roles. Therefore a user in the administrators role is an administrator of all sites. Site Editor roles allow you to specify roles that can edit a single site within a multi site installation using related sites mode without making the user an administrator in all sites. Users in these roles will effectively have administrative permissions in a single site whereas if you add them to the administrators role they would have admin permissions in all sites.

This setting is only shown in the UI when using Related Sites Mode



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