faster way to reposition objects in page content layout?

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11/27/2010 11:00:49 AM
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faster way to reposition objects in page content layout?

When editing a page using /Admin/PageLayout.aspx I have about 90 objects in the center pane that I need to sort. I can select a single object and then click the up arrow to move it up one position. Then the selection is lost and I need to scroll back down, select it again, click that up arrow and do it again. When adding a new object to the page, I may have to repreat this process 80 times to float a new content instance to the top of the page.

My specific example is here:

It is basically an alphabetical list of artists, and adding new ones and sorting them is a crazy tedious nightmare.

Is there any easier way to do this?



11/27/2010 11:21:01 AM
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Maybe in the database, rather than the interface?

possibly, I can just go into the database and change the sortorder or index value of the object?

Also, if there is any way to add a new item in any position other than last on the list -- that would be helpful.


11/28/2010 7:10:53 AM
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Re: faster way to reposition objects in page content layout?


I would never recommend putting 90 separate content feature instances on a page at all. That means you will have 90 or more hits to the database to produce the content for the page.

For the scenario you are working with I would use a single instance of Simple List/Links feature and create an item for each artist. It will naturally sort by sort rank and title. By default each item gets the same sort rank so it really sorts alphabetically but you can boost the priority of any item with a lower sort rank. You can see a similar scenario on our consulting list page. This way all the items are retrieved in a single hit to the database.

The only down side of the Simple List/Links feature is that it require you to enter a link (we will be eliminating this requirement in the future), but you could enter the same link for each one just to get past the requirement, and then in the settings you can check "Show Only Description" so it won't show the link anyway. But it gives you a list of html items by just using the description and would be much more efficient than having 90 separate Html items on the page.

Hope it helps,


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