Tokenized site variables

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11/26/2010 7:16:38 PM
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Tokenized site variables

This would be very useful to me, posting it here mostly to not lose the idea, but it seems like it would be a rather small enhancement to the existing HTML Feature.

Basically, for any site, an admin console allows the user to create text variables (probably with localization indicated). For example:

Token: [ProductName]
Site Values:
en/us   The Ultimate Widget Product v1.3

Then, any time I put the token [ProductName] inside any HTML feature instance anywhere in the site, the value "The Ultimate Widget Product v1.3" would be substituted automagically. 

For performance reasons the ability to check and replace site variables might be something you must turn on for each HTML feature instance, or maybe it's a new type of feature that supports this.

However, I'm running in to many circumstances right now where I need small replaceable snippens of text to replace globally on a site. In my example here, you could imagine that it would be a convenience if updating the variable value to another product version would be very convenient if there were several pages using this token.

Just an idea for the hopper, would be very nice though!




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