Analytics Pro Skin

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11/12/2010 6:10:14 AM
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Analytics Pro Skin


How do I change the skin for In Site Analytics Pro?  The blog post announcing the release of the product states that the skin can be changed in the configuration settings; which configuration settings need to be changed and where can access them?

Thanks in advance.

11/12/2010 6:24:32 AM
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Re: Analytics Pro Skin

Hi David,

It ships with 2 skins Analytics1 and Analytics2, it uses Analytics1 by default but you can change it to the darker Analytics2 like this:

<add key="stsAnalytics:Theme" value="Analytics2" />

The skins are located under /App_Themes

They are not the same as site skins and not interchangeable with site skins, but you could copy either Analytics1 or Analytics2 and give it a new name and then modify it to make a new custom skin. Colors of the charts can be controlled by the file and other things can be controlled by css.



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