e-commerce configured but no checkout link or button?

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11/8/2010 5:29:48 PM
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e-commerce configured but no checkout link or button?


Two questions:

1) I have an Authorize.NET account and I've followed the instructions at http://www.mojoportal.com/using-authorizenet.aspx but I have not had any luck getting a "Checkout" link or button to show up.  I used the web.config and restarted the web server.  I set it up for Production use (using the API Login ID and Trans Key for that).

Any ideas what I can look at?  The shopping cart seems to work fine...I can add items, update quantities, etc but I just see a 'continue shopping' link and nothing that looks like it would take me to a credit card entry screen.

2) I'm using this for donations to a charitable organization.  Is there some way to set up a product and offer to allow the user to type in whatever amount they want?  Right now, I picked some default values and set up multiple "products" to represent various donation amounts but it would be ideal if I had one product that just allowed them to enter their donation amount.  I think I did this when contributing last year, but it's been awhile since I've been working MP so I just don't remember and don't see it in the docs.  Sorry if I just missed it.



11/9/2010 6:09:28 AM
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Re: e-commerce configured but no checkout link or button?

Hi Darren,

It is better to put those settings in user.config so they don't get lost during upgrades. If you make changes to user.config you have to touch Web.config to make it see your changes.

If you added them to Web.config note that they already exist there and if settings are duplicated the ones lower in the file take precedence. So for example if it has 

<add key="Site1-PaymentGatewayUseTestMode" value="true" />

further down in the file then it won't show the checkout because you have only production settings. You need to put it in user.config and make it false.

Also if you have a multi site installation you should make sure the SiteID is 1 or else change the prefix Site1- to match your actual site id.

WebStore is a very basic feature at this point. It does not currently have support for products where the user picks the price.

Hope it helps,


11/9/2010 5:07:14 PM
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Re: e-commerce configured but no checkout link or button?

Well, I figured it out...there is a key in the config file that isn't mentioned in the url above for configuring Authorize.NET.  It's the "PrimaryPaymentGateway" key and once I set it to Authorize.NET, everything fired up.  I also changed "PayPalUsePayPalStandard" to false even though I'm not sure if that would be required or not.  I just know that I'm not using PayPal so it made sense to disable it from it's default of true.

I did put these new config changes in User.Config to make life easier later.


The donation amount might be something to consider at some point.  I got around this for now by putting products at $10/$25/$100/$1000 and then asking the user to use the Qty to get to the amount they'd like to donate. We'll see how that goes.

Thanks for your help!


12/9/2010 5:14:03 AM
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Re: e-commerce configured but no checkout link or button?

Hi Joe,

I am also facing same problem, your post really helped me a lot.




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