Content Templates not showing in CKEditor popup

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11/7/2010 8:49:30 PM
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Content Templates not showing in CKEditor popup

Hi there.  I'm progressing well in setting up four sites (and counting) on a new install of mP  The process has been smooth for the most part, and I'm thrilled to have found a .NET-based CMS that has such great features, which I can use to host the mostly non-profit sites I host.  I'll be buying beers very, very shortly... :)

For one of the sites, I've created a content template to store the code and markup for a jQuery-based photo gallery (Gallerific), which is populated using an AJAX call to a Zenfolio gallery.  The Content Template page shows the content just fine, no problem.  However, I'm not able to insert it onto a page since the Content Template list in the CKEditor popup is empty.  What might prevent any content templates from displaying there?  I combed the Internet and mP forums but could not find anything related to this.

To make sure complexity isn't the issue here, I created a very simple content template, and even the simplest content template doesn't display either.  The content template is set for use by All Users.

I also checked a different site within the same mP instance, and verified the base list of system templates showed (which it did), then added a simple one, and verified that one also showed.  So it seems to be just this one site among the four I have, that is not displaying any of its content templates, system or custom.

I would appreciate any pointers - many thanks!


11/8/2010 9:19:46 AM
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Re: Content Templates not showing in CKEditor popup

Most likely something in the content of one of your custom templates is causing an error that prevents it form loading the templates. It could be a server side error which would show in the log or it could be script error which may not show anywhere if it is inside a try catch.

For CKeditor the content of the templates are serialized to json, so it is possible something in your content template cannot be serialized into json without errors. Adding javascript in addition to html in templates may be problematic in some cases.

You can check the log for clues and you could backup your custom template to a text file and then delete it and see if it solves the problem then you will know if is something about the content of your template.

The older FCKeditor uses xml instead of json and may possibly be a little more tolerant.

Hope it helps,


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