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11/4/2010 4:45:53 PM
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Re: Searching a blog

unfortunately I can't frown

11/9/2010 8:50:56 AM
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Re: Searching a blog

I was able to produce the problem where blog titles were not being indexed. My findings are that when you edit a blog post it does index the title, but when it was rebuilding the index and indexing it in batch mode it was leaving out the title. This will be fixed in the next release, for now, you can fix any individual post by editing it and waiting a few minutes for it to re-index the item.

If you click the little help link on the search page on this site you will see we have documentation about how to do advanced searching. I agree it is not all that friendly for non-techy users but really it is not all that different from google search operators. I do have it in my project tracker to make an advanced search page, but there are many more higher priority things ahead of it.



11/9/2010 10:30:54 AM
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Re: Searching a blog

Thanks, Joe. I don't know why I completely overlooked that "question mark" icon by the search box. Super helpful!


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