Google Analytics "Role" Tracking

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10/17/2010 7:34:22 PM
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Google Analytics "Role" Tracking

Hi there Joe !!!!

Would be a nice feature if we could track the role of the users in Google Analytics. From what I could see in the source, it's a small change on GoogleAnalyticsScripts.cs applying the same logic used in memberLabel, correct? 

10/18/2010 6:22:02 AM
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Re: Google Analytics "Role" Tracking

Hi Bruno,

Sorry but I'm not wild about this idea. A users role membership is security information that I don't think should be tracked and also users can be in multiple roles.

A developer could add additional tracking by adding javascript to push tracking into the array added at the top of the page by the async analytics controls. But I would not recommend tracking roles and do not want to bake that in. It is sufficient to be able to tell authenticated members/customers from admins and unauthenticated users as it works currently.



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