Creating multiple sites by domain

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10/12/2010 7:11:20 AM
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Creating multiple sites by domain

I have multiple websites corresponding to multiple domains in IIS on my server. I entered a Hostname in the IIS Site Bindings for each of these sites except for my main site contains my main mojoPortal site. A few days ago I bought 5 new domains and setup the @. and *. A-type DNS records for each (also a few days ago) pointing to the server on which my primary site is running.

I am now trying to create new sites for these domains as child sites in my primary site. I first started with two new child sites. That worked fine. Then I added a thrid. Now the first two sites gave a 500.19 Internal Server Error or a white page containing '100' in the upper left corner.

I deleted  all child sites and started again. After some trial and error I got all three child sites running as expected.

Then I added two new child sites. They give the same errors and strange enough two of the first three sites now also give errors again. In some cases I get the empty white page with 100 on it. In other cases I get the 500.19 error:

Error Summary
HTTP Error 500.19 - Internal Server Error
The requested page cannot be accessed because the related configuration data for the page is invalid.

Detailed Error Information
Module IIS Web Core
Notification Unknown
Handler Not yet determined
Error Code 0x80070005
Config Error Cannot read configuration file due to insufficient permissions
Config File \\?\UNC\files\localuser\turbofronto\web.config

My mojoPortal site uses the last release and .NET 4.0.

My server has IIS 7.5 and Windows Server 2008 R2.

Does anyone have a clue what is wrong here?

10/12/2010 7:19:50 AM
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Re: Creating multiple sites by domain


The error message is very clear:

Config Error Cannot read configuration file due to insufficient permissions
Config File \\?\UNC\files\localuser\turbofronto\web.config

some change you made and now it has no read access to web.config

check file system permissions for the identity of the app pool

Hope it helps,


10/12/2010 7:48:57 AM
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Re: Creating multiple sites by domain

Hi Joe,

Thanks for answering so rapidly. The error message looks clear to me to. But the strange thing is that the primary site and one of the 5 child sites work just fine.

I just checked the mojoPortal version and AppPool settings.

I am using mojoPortal version, but I just saw that my main site is still on .NET 3.5.

The site uses the default AppPool with user Network Services. This user has read/execute permissions on the site root folder and full access to the Data folder.

I just took a long look at the filepath mentioned in the error: 


This looks like the filepath on the webhosting company where I previously hosted my sites. I still use that company for all my domainregistrations, also my new domains. These new domains have no email functionality attached, but in the administration of this webhoster, they are linked to my turbofrontoffice account (that should be the reason of the \turfofronto\ part of the file path.

I just checked the DNS settings for my new domains. They all follow the exact same pattern. Too bad I can't upload images here. I'll send you a screenshot of the DNS settings by email. You will see that no DNS record points to the IP address of the webhoster where I registered my domains. They all point to my own server.



Johan Stringer


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