Co-hosting domain name not in mojoPortal solution

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10/11/2010 2:24:45 PM
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Co-hosting domain name not in mojoPortal solution

I have a requirement of being able to host a domain name together with the domain names used in mojoPortal on one of my web servers. The domain name will use some php-based solutions for testing and I don't' want it to be based on/link to from mojoPortal domains on the same server.

It's a hosted solution, so I have no option to do anything that involves directly configuring the web-server that hosts the domains.

When I have done this kind of co-hosting pre-mojoPortal, I have done it with a default page that redirected directly to the correct main page based on the domain name the user entered in the requesting URL.

As far as I can see, I can't do that when I host the rest of the domains in a single mojoPortal solution.

But perhaps it's just me, that is limited in my abilities.

I was looking at the URL-mapping feature to try fool the system into doing this. But it doesn't seem to be the right way to do it. At least I can't make it work like I want.

An example will perhaps clarify what it is I am trying to do:

I have 3 domains:, and and are served from a single mojoPortal solution. is for testing/using blog software based on php. I want all 3 domains to use the same hosting solution. It is NOT an option to buy a hosting for this domain. I don't have that kind of money right now - or rather, I have already used that kind of money several times crying

So is this possible and if it is, how do I do it?


10/12/2010 7:32:44 AM
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Re: Co-hosting domain name not in mojoPortal solution

Without control of the server IIS configuration, I do not know of a solution for you.

10/12/2010 10:30:36 AM
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Re: Co-hosting domain name not in mojoPortal solution

I think I understand what you are trying to do here. You are already paying for hosting (website) for your multi-site mojoPortal installation and you want to run a PHP application in the same hosting. If you can create Virtual Directories using your hosts' control panel, you should be able to accomplish what you want.

  1. Using FTP (or whatever method you use to upload files to your site), create a directory inside of your website and upload your PHP application to it.
  2. Using your hosing control panel, create a Virtual Directory and point it to the directory you uploaded your PHP app to in the first step.
  3. Enable PHP for the virtual directory.
  4. Open your mojoPortal user.config file and add the following line to it (add the name of the directory you created in step 1 to it before saving it to the web.config):
    <add key="DisallowedVirtualFolderNames" value="NAMEOFFOLDERCREATEDINSTEP1;Admin;ClientScript;Controls;Data;FCKeditor;Modules;NeatHtml;NeatUpload;Secure;Services;Setup;SiteOffice;WebStore"/>

At this point your PHP application should be running under the virtual directory. All of your domains attached to the site in IIS will respond, for instance,

Now you need to forward the domain name to the virtual directory. You can do this using mojoPortal but it isn't very intuitive. What you need to do is create a new mojoPortal site and assign the domain to it. Next, on the homepage of the new site, add an HTML content instance and include javascript in it that redirects the user to the virtual directory.

Joe D.

10/12/2010 11:40:12 AM
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Re: Co-hosting domain name not in mojoPortal solution

Thank you for your answers.

I will try to get the virtual directory thing to work. But I am afraid I will have to ask the webhost to create it. I don't believe I can do it myself.

The goal is to get one more website up and running without having to pay for one more hosting agreement. Normally they are quite easy to convince - I have lots of agreements with 3 or 4 domains running on same agreement. But I normally keep it to methods, where they don't have to do a lot of work for me as it is really a service and they could easily just say no and make me pay for more.

It is my daugther that is going to try out a blogging experience. And she's a student so she can't really find the money for the experiment smiley

Perhaps it end up with being her father paying for a hosting agreement frown after all. No birthday presents for years to come then!


10/13/2010 7:47:19 PM
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Re: Co-hosting domain name not in mojoPortal solution


Thank you again, Joe. Your advise actually made it possible for me to make it work without having to use a virtual directory or anything.

Basically I can do what you described without having to create a virtual directory at the webhost.

The javascript redirect is enough it seems.

Only thing I have to do now, is to get my webhost to change setup, so index.php is default pagename like the others setup on my solution.

So I am happy - and my daughter will be too I believe.



PS! What I wonder is - how will it affect Google search? My daughter is very focused on Google somehow. I believe I will have to hide to avoid her starting to question me about that.

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