Shared files in right column?

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10/6/2010 3:47:54 AM
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Shared files in right column?


I have got an request to move a shared files module to a column to the right, this means that the space will be a problem. I have unchecked all columns that I can and now there is only Filename, downloaded and switch name column left. But even with this settings the file module will go outside its placeholder and site?

The file module is based on a table (tr, th) and I could probably change the css but Im not sure that this will do. I will probably have to change so all information is shown i a vertical manner instead of a horizontal(like now) :

[Check/Edit/Download] - Switch Name

Instead of

[Check/Edit/Download] | Filename | Downloads | Switch Name

I am willing to dig into MojoPortal to fix this but at the same time we need it to be simple to update to new version if needed without doing the change all over again.

So what will be the best solution here?


10/6/2010 6:35:15 AM
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Re: Shared files in right column?

Sorry, but it is common sense, don't put it where it will not fit. Either put it in the center or create a skin with a side column that is wide enough.

I could have built in checks and made it so that some features could only go in the center but I chose to give people control and let natural consequences guide their choices. With power comes responsibility to make good choices.



10/6/2010 7:30:44 AM
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Re: Shared files in right column?


All I needed to know was if it was possible to do this without modify mojoPortal manually. But as you describe I have 3 choices :

  1. Place the filemodule in center
  2. Change the skin so right column is wide enough
  3. Go in to mojoPortal and change it manually which will make an update of mojoPortal hard.

I will consult my coworkers what action to take.


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