My opinion about CMS

This is a forum to suggest new features for mojoPortal. 

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9/21/2010 2:45:06 AM
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My opinion about CMS

I liked this CMS, but I think it lacks the following features:
1. module or content filtering in the "content management" by content type or by any additional attributes.
2. The control panel should display information about users on the site.
3. Blog module must be able to sort by date, attendance, popularity, name. (As in DLE engine)

9/21/2010 1:36:07 PM
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Re: My opinion about CMS


Thank you for trying out mojoPortal and for providing your feedback. I will address your comments as best I can.

  1. You can filter by Feature in the Content Management. Simply select the feature, check the "Filter by Feature" checkbox and click Find.
  2. Not sure I know what you are calling the "Control Panel" but you can use the Site Statistics feature to see statistical info on the users of your site. You will have to add the Site Statistics feature to a page, and, if you do not want anyone to see it, change the "View This Page" permissions in the settings of that particular page. You can also restrict who can view particular features on a page by using the security settings of the individual feature.
  3. I do agree that we need some sorting functionality added to the blog. Can you tell me what a DLE engine is?

Joe D.

9/21/2010 3:14:29 PM
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Re: My opinion about CMS

1. Ок. Now I see that this feature is implemented. I misled the wrong translation to Russian (instead of Filter written Search).

But also I spoke about filtering by addon attribute (not implemented now). If I have thousand modules than I can search necessary module a long time. If when creating a module we can specify a module belonging to definite group. Than we can filter by it. (This features is implemented in blog module. When creating a news we can add several themes for it.)

instead of filter written search


2. Under the control panel I understand the administration panel (where site settings is located)

I understand that we can add statistic module on page with visibility limitations but in my opinion with information must be available in administration panel. Site statistic can include not only users count but also total page number, number of modules/content, content in moderation and so on.


3. DLE - DataLife Engine - it is news CMS developed by russian programers.

You can see it at demo site (login and password: demo):

9/21/2010 4:34:16 PM
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Re: My opinion about CMS

Hi Dmitriy,

Thanks for you link to some "news CMS" but as you may found you're at ASP.NET C# community, not php.

Also you may found what mojoPortal is Free and Open Source project.

Regarding the modules classification with attributes like in blogs : such ability is on the mojoPortal road map and I should say what from my humble point of view the MojoPortal functionality is actually growing up really fast thanks to Joe. I hope what modules categorisation  ( and maybe modules sorting by user rank for the category selected) might be implemented.

BTW: I should say you what I have no problems with the modules search etc - as for me it is a question of some MojoPortal using experience. You're not required to search the modules every time in turn to add them to the pages. The new module actually easy to manage and to implement at the page. I.E. the module often is page-oriented content.


Best regards,


9/22/2010 12:47:51 AM
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Re: My opinion about CMS

I gave the link only as an example implementation of the blog. With regard to categorization of content, here everyone has to decide himself. But I agree that we can found a necessary module via page managment

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