Dynamic URL Question

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9/20/2010 12:36:27 PM
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Dynamic URL Question

Hello Mojo,

I have enjoyed exploring the possibilities and flexibilities of the portal.

Today, in some SEO research, I pulled a report on the site. 

Other than the / every other page listed in the report follow this schema...


Am I to understand that the page "onlin-institute.aspx" is not found by search engines and or ranking effected, but "online-institute.aspx?skin=printerfriendly " is found"

I repeated several times and it seems that pages within a report end with skin=printerfriendly

What can be done about this?

9/20/2010 12:51:18 PM
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Re: Dynamic URL Question

It sounds like you are using some tool to crawl your site and produce a report. Tools are not perfect.

In the footer of most mojoPortal sites is the "Printable View" link which has the url with skin=printerfriendly

I do not believe this link hurts SEO at all for 2 reasons

  1. the link has rel='nofollow' on it and googlebot knows it should not crawl that link even if the tool you are using still crawls it
  2. even if the page is viewed with the printer friendly parameter in the url we have a canonical link in the head that tells search engines the correct url for the page <link rel='canonical'

Search engine bots such as googlebot are very smart and use these things so I think the report you produced is wrong. If you really think it hurts, you could remove the printer friendly skinpreview link from the layout.master file of your skin.

Hope it helps,


9/20/2010 7:36:55 PM
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Re: Dynamic URL Question

Hello Joe,

Perfectly explained.  Thank you.

I have to say, you take time to understand questions and answer them completely.
The tool appeared to be pulling those links and did not demonstrate any urls to me without the printer friendly appendage.

Reviewing Google, they are crawling perfectly.

Thank you!


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