RSS Content Displayed Internally?

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9/9/2010 11:18:15 AM
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RSS Content Displayed Internally?


Is it possible to configure the RSS Module to obtain a feed and display the individual content on my own site and not have it link back to the site where the feed came from?

I am trying to setup a news section where the news articles are actually coming from another site operated by the same client. They want to be able to enter news stories on one site but have it display on both.

My thoughts were that we could setup an RSS feed from site A (where they type in the news story) and simply display it in site B.

The problem I am having is that the stories are being displayed but when you click on a story to read it, it redirects to site A where the story came from but I wanted to load it in Site B where the RSS Module is configured.

Hope this makes sense!


Mark Donne
Index eBusiness

9/10/2010 8:20:50 AM
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Re: RSS Content Displayed Internally?

Hi Mark,

That isn't really the way RSS is supposed to work. When you pull in syndicated content from other sites the idea of sharing the syndicated content is to link back to the source. Not doing so in most cases would be unethical content stealing and it hurts the actual author of the content because if google indexes the same content on a different site with no links back to the source it dilutes the value of the original content by sapping search results to a site that is just duplicating content.

I "could" easily implement an option in the Feed Manager to not make the title be a link and while it would not be as bad in the situation you describe if the sites are both operated by the same customer, but I don't really want to encourage unethical use and I would question whether this is really a good idea for your customer or not given that it would still be diluting the seo of the source site owned by the customer. It would be far better to not have content duplicated across sites without links.

Many feeds only include an excerpt of the content for the very reason that if they put the full article in the feed it does not encourage visiting the site of authorship and other sites may abuse their content by not linking back to or crediting the source. In that case there is not a good way to pull the article detail at all since it is not included in a feed.



9/10/2010 8:44:29 AM
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Re: RSS Content Displayed Internally?

Hi Joe

Thank you for your reply. I completely agree that copying content and passing it off as your own is not something you should be doing unless you already own the content.

Unfortunetly this is client driven (aren't most things!) so I will have find a way to do what they want.

The client in question is very large and has 3 seperate websites, 1 for each area of their business. The website we are redoing for them is their Head Office website and they have asked us to draw in the news content that already exists on their other 2 websites and include it alongside any new stories they publish.

We could achieve this by pulling the data directly from the database (their other 2 sites are based on a MySQL backend) and importing it into the MojoPortal database but we were hoping to find a more elegant solution.

I am either looking at copying your RSS Feeder module and "tweaking" it to fit their needs or if its possible maybe something along the lines of an XML/XSL system.

If you have any ideas about what you feel would work best I am all ears =:)

Thank you

Mark Donne

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