legal case management

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9/2/2010 7:22:50 AM
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legal case management

I'm looking to build a legal case management system. primarily for small non-profit and ngo organisations.

I need something fully flexible in layout and usage of data and controls. Could also be a lot of AJAX going on. A pdf engine would also be needed to convert to and from pdf.

I don't need things like forums and such. It will be a portal and not a CMS website.

Is this something that mojoPortal is very good at? I have been looking at DNN and Umbraco. I haven't  tried site development in either. You always hear good things from people that use it (naturally). This is a new area for my company and I don't want to waste time developing on a CMS and hitting a wall. Its either us a CMS to get started quickly or write it from scratch.

You advice is most welcome.


9/3/2010 8:55:41 AM
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Re: legal case management

There are a lot of good CMS and web application framework choices to choose from. Yes you could build a case management system that plugs into mojoPortal and I'm sure you could do the same with Umbraco or DNN. Each has different strengths and may appeal to different people for different reasons.

I think you should do your own evaluation and decide what is best for you and your team. Making a decision based on other people's opinions may not be the best idea. Once you learn any system in depth then you will of course like it better than other systems but deciding which one to invest your time in learning in detail is probably done best by evaluating each and try to build a simple feature in each to see how the development style differs in each and you may find one system is more approachable or easier to understand for your team than another system.

Anyone who says x is better than y and is the only way to go should be taken with a grain of salt. There are many good options to choose from and each has its fans. I don't recommend choosing based on popularity.

But, definitely I recommend not building from scratch.



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