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This is a forum to suggest new features for mojoPortal. 

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8/29/2010 11:22:01 PM
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Of Interest

I am new to mojoportal and have been looking for a particular feature, but havent found or recognized it in the features that are provided.  Basically, I would like a widget that I can place and position on a page that will display information from a database table.  Ideally, it would be HTML capable.  the Idea is to be able to enter an item of interest, which would include perhaps a header (<h1></h1>) type formating, follows by whatever I want to say.  The database entry consists of text to be displayed, date to start the display, date to terminate the display and some sort of positioning key to control where it is displayed in the widget (first, second or last).  The order of display would generally be by date, descending, then the positioning.

Is there already something like that included with the portal?

Along the same line, I would really like a widget that can get its content dynamically generated from a database table, either from a single record or a selection of records.

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