Multiple Sites admin users

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8/26/2010 4:04:52 PM
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Multiple Sites admin users

I have a MojoPortal installation with multiple sites. I just was looking at the dbo.mp_Users table and saw several users that I hadn't known about before:

Thinking someone might be attempting to hack my site, I started to investigate. Each admin user account is associated with each site, and these users DO have role "Admins" for the site. My assumption now is that these are auto-created by MojoPortal when the site is provisioned.

Is this correct?  Are the passwords some random value initially? 

8/27/2010 6:46:11 AM
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Re: Multiple Sites admin users

Hi Steve,

mojoPortal does create those users when new sites are created under related sites mode, but if you login in as one of those it should not really be an administrator unless you change it back to not related sites mode. If you find those users are really admins in related sites mode let me know.

The rationale for creating them is specifically to address the problem that if you create a site in related sites mode and then change the setting so that related sites mode is not enabled, you would have no admin user in the site. If it isn't related sites mode then child site admins are created as when the site is created. However this would create duplicates under related sites mode and is not allowed so we append the site id, thus we get and so on.



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