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7/1/2010 3:58:35 AM
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Blog Post Tags

Namaste :)

Blog Posts Tags would be a very useful feature in MojoPortal Blogs. [I've seen its in the roadmap :)]

I've tried this Tag CLoud Control in a website it works smoothly

You can Select the Tags field from the blog and pass the string like this

<%= new TagCloud(   new[] { "C#", "C#", "C#", "ASP.NET", "ASP.NET", "VB.NET"},
                        TagCloudGenerationRules.Default) %>

The more times a tag occures in the list, the larger weight it will get  in the tag cloud.

Hope it helps :)

PS: Scott Gu announced Easy embedding of SQLCE 4 in ASP.Net websites :)

Thanks n regards,


7/1/2010 6:41:07 AM
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Re: Blog Post Tags

We actually already have Categories aka Tags and a Tag Cloud in the blog. The plan on the road map is to make a more general tagging system that can be used by any feature not just the blog, but when it is ready we will replace the current blog tagging with the new system.

I've been working on SqlCe support in mojoPortal and already have it working for the core but haven't yet implemented it for the mojoPortal.Features projects. You can expect me to blog about it soon.



7/1/2010 6:52:19 AM
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Re: Blog Post Tags

Thanks for the update :)

I've seen the Categories Tag Cloud in MojoPortal they r nice :), but sometimes we need to tag a blog post with 5-6 tags but it belongs to only one category like here

waitin for the new tagging system :)

..ur already working on a SQL CE version, that's gr8 news,

keep up the good work,

thanks n regards,


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