Newsletters improvements

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6/20/2010 4:35:38 PM
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Newsletters improvements

Hello again,

I have to ideas for the news letters. The first one is for the newsletters subscriptions part, I publish three news letters, so I offer newsletter subscriptions in three different places, to three different newsletters. Could it be possible to choose to which news letter is the user going to subscribe if the news letters list is not shown, instead of been forced to used this only for the "first news letter" and having to show the newsletters list for the rest.

The second idea is something more complex to implement. The first step should be been able to have the same newsletter been shared among several newsletters, and then, when submitting, avoid to send it to twice to the same address. What's is the use of this? Linked newsletters, like you can have in the forums, you could be subscribed to all forums, to one or some forums or/and to one or more threads, when one thread is modified you should only receive one notification. With newsletters you could have a newsletter subscription to "mojoPortal news", another to "other projects news" and a third one to "all my projects news". 

Hope you like the idea,


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